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Swing it, Shake it, Move it, Make it!

... and so we danced, though it was only a slow dance...

Mrs. Leslie Bloom
13 January 1988
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My name is Leslie and I'm 18 years old! I'm into musical theatre and Harry Potter! Some day I'll be a Broadway performer, but currently I'm taking time off of school and such to recover from rheumatoid arthritis. My favorite color is orange, followed closely by pink! Oh, and Orlando Bloom is totally my husband!

You know you love me...
42nd street, 5ive, 98 degrees, a walk to remember, a*teens, acrylic nails, acting, adam pascal, aida, alfie, amda, american psycho, angels and demons, animals, apples, ballads, ballet, batman begins, bbmak, bernadette peters, billy joel, boys, brandon flowers, britney spears, broadway, brokeback mountain, cabaret, capezio, cats (the animal), cats (the musical), center stage, chatting, chicago, chicken, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate creme pie, chorus line, christian bale, colin firth, converse, craig david, da vinci code, dan miller, dancing, dane cook, degas, diet dr. pepper, dior, dirty dancing, dirty rotten scoundrels, eating, fall out boy, fantastic four, fashion, fearless series, gael garcia bernal, gavin creel, gilmore girls, granola bars, hairspray (the musical), hanging with friends, harry potter, heath ledger, hugh jackman, ice age, impressionism, into the woods, joseph fiennes, jude law, kobe bryant, laguna beach, legolas, les miserables, life as a house, lion king the movie, lion king the musical, little shop of horrors, little women, lord of the rings, los angeles lakers, love actually, magic johnson, mamma mia!, mandy moore, michael rady, mickey mouse club, moonstruck, moulin rouge, movies, movin' out, mtv, music, music man, musical theatre, my chemical romance, n sync, napoleon dynamite, nations, never been kissed, nightmare before christmas, norbert leo butz, o-town, orange, orlando bloom, pacifica pizza, panic! at the disco, pay it forward, performing, phantom of the opera, pink, pirates of the carribean, pizza, pointe, pop, pride and prejudice, ragtime, rainbows, reading, red hair, rent, romance, rupert grint, s club 7, sandwiches, save the last dance, saved!, shane west, shopping, singin' in the rain, singing, spice girls, spice world, star wars, strawberries wild, sweet charity, talking, tap dancing, tech, teen people, ten little indians, text messaging, the click 5, the killers, the notebook, the used, tony awards, typing, vh1, vitamin c, wicked the musical