Mrs. Leslie Bloom (chieflester) wrote,
Mrs. Leslie Bloom

I hope this isn't annoying...

But now I have two wonderful rehearsal shots from the ballet dream/nightmare sequence. The first one is while our singer person is singing "Somewhere". During it Riff and I will be on one structure dancing (mind you he's dead... so it's a dream) and Bernardo and Anita will be on the other. Then eventually they turn around and you'll see their wounds... that's when it turns into the nightmare. The other... well... I'll explain it underneath it...

Okay so only our stage right structure is done... so that's where Anita and Bernardo are. Riff and I are sitting on the left.... I'm in blue, see me? In the middle we have Maria and Tony singing their own little version of "Somewhere" before they do it... even though Tony just killed her brother. Adam (Diesel, a Jet guy) is laying on the floor... he's technically lifting a chick who wasn't at rehearsal that day.

Before Katie begins singing "Somehwere", there's this music where everyone comes on and gets in a line. That's when Anita, Bernardo, Riff, and I head to our structures to climb up and dance. The cast stands there for a moment, then some head into the house to sing and some go off stage to dance. It feels so RENT to me and I love it.

Peace out.
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